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Public National Holidays in Japan

The following list are public holidays with a fixed, recurring date each year in Japan according to the Gregorian yearly calender.

National Holidays - dates & names
01 January
New Year's Day
11 February
Foundation Day
29 April
Showa Day
03 May
Constitution Day
04 May
Greenery Day
05 May
Children's Day
03 November
Culture Day
23 November
Labour Day
23 December
The Emperor's Birthday

Note: Public holidays according to other calendars or moveable dates are not included as of today.

Where is Japan?

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Japan (Nippon) is a constitutional monarchy with an emperor without deciding power. The country is a democracy with a parliament and a prime minister. Japan is the worlds second largest economy after USA. The country suffered economic collapse in 1990s but are more stable now.

A public national holiday is a day on which most people are free from work and school.
Public holidays are holidays established by law and sometimes based on historic events.

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