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List of Constitution Days in all of the world's countries

Andorra14 March
Anguilla8 August
Armenia5 July
Azerbaijan12 November
Cayman Islands2 July
Cook Islands4 August
Denmark5 June
Dominican Republic6 November
Equatorial Guinea15 August
Faroe Islands5 June
Japan3 May
Cambodia24 September
Marshall Islands1 May
Mexico6 February
Federated States of Micronesia10 May
Nauru17 May
Nepal9 November
North Korea27 December
Norway17 May
Poland3 May
Puerto Rico25 July
Russia12 December
Serbia15 February
Slovakia1 September
Spain6 December
Thailand10 December
Tonga4 November
Turkmenistan18 May
Ukraine28 June
Uruguay18 July
Uzbekistan8 December
Vanuatu5 October
Belarus15 March

A public national holiday is a day on which most people are free from work and school.
Public holidays are holidays established by law and sometimes based on historic events.

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