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Public National Holidays in Turkmenistan

The following list are public holidays with a fixed, recurring date each year in Turkmenistan according to the Gregorian yearly calender.

National Holidays - dates & names
01 January
New Year's Day
12 January
Remembrance Day
19 February
National Flag Day
08 May
Heroes' Day
09 May
Victory Day
18 May
Constitution Day
06 October
Remembrance Day
27 October
Independence Day
12 December
Neutrality Day

Note: Public holidays according to other calendars or moveable dates are not included as of today.

Where is Turkmenistan?

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Turkmenistan is located in southwest of central Asia. It stretches from the Caspic sea to Afghanistan. Over 90% of the country is desert. The economy is bases on oil and gas but the country is still considered poor with an underdeveloped industry.

A public national holiday is a day on which most people are free from work and school.
Public holidays are holidays established by law and sometimes based on historic events.

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