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List of Independence Days in all of the world's countries

Albania28 November
American Samoa4 July
Angola11 November
Antigua and Barbuda1 November
Argentina9 July
Armenia21 September
Azerbaijan18 October
The Bahamas10 July
Bangladesh26 March
Barbados30 November
Belgium21 July
Belize21 September
Benin1 August
Bolivia6 August
Brazil7 September
Bulgaria22 September
Burkina Faso5 August
Burma4 January
Burundi1 July
Central African Republic13 August
Colombia20 July
Comoros6 July
Costa Rica15 September
Cyprus1 October
Dominica3 November
Dominican Republic27 February
Ecuador10 August
Ivory Coast7 August
El Salvador15 September
Equatorial Guinea12 October
Eritrea24 May
Estonia24 February
Philippines12 June
Fiji10 October
Finland6 December
Gabon16 August
Gambia18 February
Georgia26 May
Ghana6 March
Greece25 March
Grenada7 February
Guam4 July
Guatemala15 September
Guinea2 October
Guinea Bissau24 September
Guyana26 May
Haiti1 January
Honduras15 September
India15 August
Indonesia17 August
Iraq1 January
Israel26 April
Jamaica6 August
Yemen30 November
Jordan25 May
Cambodia9 November
Kenya12 December
Kiribati12 July
Congo Kinshasa30 June
Croatia8 October
Cuba20 May
Lesotho4 October
Latvia4 May
Lebanon22 November
Liberia26 July
Lithuania16 February
Madagascar26 June
Macedonia8 September
Maldives26 July
Mali22 September
Malta21 September
Morocco11 January
Morocco18 November
Mexico16 September
Federated States of Micronesia3 November
Moldova27 August
Mozambique25 June
Namibia21 March
Nauru31 January
Nicaragua15 September
Niger3 August
Nigeria1 October
Pakistan14 August
Panama3 November
Papua New Guinea16 September
Paraguay15 May
Peru28 July
Poland11 November
Rwanda1 July
Saint Christopher and Nevis19 September
Solomon Islands7 July
Samoa1 June
São Tomé and Príncipe12 July
Senegal4 April
Sierra Leone27 April
Slovakia1 January
Sudan1 January
Suriname25 November
Swaziland6 September
South Korea1 March
Syria17 April
Tanzania9 December
Chad11 August
Czech Republic28 October
Togo27 April
Trinidad and Tobago31 August
Tunisia20 March
Turkmenistan27 October
Tuvalu1 October
Uganda9 October
Ukraine24 August
Uruguay25 August
Uzbekistan1 September
Vanuatu30 July
Venezuela19 April
Venezuela5 July
Belarus3 July
Zambia24 October
Zimbabwe18 April
East Timor20 May
USA4 July

A public national holiday is a day on which most people are free from work and school.
Public holidays are holidays established by law and sometimes based on historic events.

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