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List of National Days in all of the world's countries

Anguilla30 May
Azerbaijan28 May
Bahrain16 December
Bahrain17 December
Benin30 November
Bermuda24 May
Bhutan17 December
Botswana30 September
Brazil15 November
British Virgin Islands1 July
Brunei23 February
Burma1 December
Cyprus25 March
Egypt23 July
France14 July
French Guiana14 July
French Polynesia14 July
Georgia9 April
Gibraltar10 September
Guadeloupe14 July
Hong Kong1 October
Iraq3 October
Iceland17 June
Yemen14 October
Cameroon20 May
Canada1 July
China1 October
Kuwait25 February
Laos2 December
Latvia18 November
Luxembourg23 June
Macedonia2 August
Malaysia31 August
Maldives24 January
Mauritius12 March
Monaco19 November
North Korea9 September
Oman18 November
Portugal10 June
Romania1 December
Russia12 June
Saint Pierre et Miquelon14 July
Saudi Arabia23 September
Switzerland1 August
Singapore9 August
Slovenia25 June
Spain12 October
Sri Lanka4 February
Sweden6 June
Taiwan10 October
Chad13 April
Hungary20 August
Vietnam2 September
Wallis and Futuna14 July
Austria26 October

A public national holiday is a day on which most people are free from work and school.
Public holidays are holidays established by law and sometimes based on historic events.

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